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 During the recent enforced National Lockdown the Museum was contacted by executors acting on behalf of a long deceased Coventry Watchmaker.

The executors, surviving relatives, granted the Coventry Watch Museum rare & privileged access to the premises, which housed the living accommodation, workshops & offices, housed over 3 floors.

The watchmaking workshops & offices had obviously ceased to be used after the watchmakers passing many decades ago, left as when they were last used.  Family members continued to live in the remainder of the property.

The Museum were asked to take 'anything' from the premises if they felt it would be of any use to them.

As there was such a vast amount of historical timepieces, components, machines, tools, books, ledgers, & social history, we were deeply grateful for this rare opportunity. 

Museum staff have been busy, & will be for some time, collecting, cataloging, cleaning & restoring this generous donation.  It can only add further to Coventry's rich watchmaking heritage!

When recording, cleaning & restoration has been completed, they will gradually be added to the Museums existing exhibits.

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